Radio Show Becomes Podcast

From YouTube series to Radio Show, and now to Podcast. Drew's radio show is going to become a regular podcast soon. This is the trailer:

And this is the link so you can follow the podcast:


Drew's latest release on all major platforms is a reworking of one of his most popular old numbers. And there's a fun video on YouTube which you can watch right here.

And there's more new tracks on Bandcamp, including this wonderful single take number:

Check out "I'll Keep On Comin' Home" on Bandcamp.

Another Jam Night!


This time in Beautiful Bradford on Avon, and the Boathouse. 2nd Wednesday of the month, not to be missed. Click on the pic to go to the Boathouse page.

See Drew's Facebook post about the open mic night, also at the Boathouse:


Drew has quite a following in Brazil, and this lovely review of "The Good Part" is from a Brazilian blog. Click on the image to go to the original blog, and if you like you can change the language there too, as well as share it.

Thank you Music for All!


Heavy Go

Drew has released a new version of Heavy Go on Bandcamp, together with Earl St John - take a listen!

Campervan Campout

Drew's band The Star Shaped Pegs was live on the main stage at the South of England Showground for the amazing Campervan Campout and live on VDub Radio at the same time. Great weather and a fun time for all the band.


Live in the Live Lounge

After his radio show, Drew popped in to one of the radio studios to do a quick one take recording of this beautiful number.