MPB is an affiliation between a small group of musicians and music organisers in Bath, who are keen members of the local music scene, hosting various music nights, including open mics, jam nights and showcases, as well as regularly performing at various venues as part of a wide variety of different live acts.

The affiliation has been an unofficial one for a while, and as musicians, hosts, organisers and promoters we have helped each other out on many many occasions. Now is the time to make it something.

This is an exciting time, and whilst not too much has changed, the decision to acknowledge what we are and what we aim to do is a big step, and what we aim to do is the following....

Be an influential part of the local music scene in Bath.
Encourage the growth of its music.
Foster and grow positive relationships between local musicians.
Create platforms and opportunities for more musicians to be a part of.
Be a noticeable, and proud presence, helping to deliver good quality music nights and events within the beautiful city of Bath.